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    "Positive experience - friendly staff and great range of used cars"

    I was looking for a used car online and found the website of Sydney Cars, then decided to check out the place. When I arrived, I was keen to find something cheap but still in good condition then I instantly found the one I liked. The owners were very friendly and really good negotiators; since I told them that it was my first car here in Australia, they gave me a really good price that would suit my budget. They made my Holden Viva look and feel brand new before handing it over to me. I would recommend this dealer if you're looking for used cars! You won't get disappointed, as the owners are responsive to all your questions! Kaye Cargullo  

    14 Ocotober 2023 Kaye C. - Visiting Sydney - Vauxhall Viva


    "Friendly staff and was able to test drive loads of cars"

    The staff are really friendly and helpful.  Wanted to test drive about six different cars and was able to do so with no dramas.  Been to other places and they barely let you test drive them!  Staff knowledgeable, helpful and do not use hard-sell tactics you normally find at second-hand car dealers!   I spend all afternoon test-driving various cars before buying a good value for money used  Toyota Camry - definitely recommend these guys :-) Geoff Kannock - Paddington  

    25 July 2023 Geoff K. - Paddington - Toyota Camry


    "Good customer service - very knowledgeable staff"

    Very good customer service and would definitely recommend these guys.  Was looking for a cheap second car to ferry the kids around.  The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and allowed us to test drive as many used cars as we liked with no pressure to buy.  If you want a friendly used car dealer where they give you space to make up your own mind on what car to buy, then call Sydneycars.  

    18 July 2023 Scott G. - Redfern - Hyundai Getz


    Covid Safe and Secure used cars sales

    Was very happy with the service from Sydneycars.  Felt very safe and secure with the way they prepared the cars and how they implemented a Covid Safe and secure environment.  Was able to do all the paperwork and payment online.  Arrived and the car was super clean and very easy to use click and collect service offered by Sydneycars Charles B  

    21 June 2023 Charles B - Balmain - Audi A4


    "Customer Review Sydneycars - Steven Beans - Great Service + Helpful Staff"

    Customer Review Sydneycars - Steven Beans - a friend recommended I check out Sydneycars which is always a good sign of a company.  Was looking to buy an affordable used car as we don't have a lot of spare cash.  Needed a decent used car under $10K that would be good for driving to and from work every day. I gave Shaun a call and he explained what stock they had and what was in my budget.  He lined up three cars for me to test drive the following day after work at 6 pm.  This late slot was a godsent as I can't get out of work early.  Took all three cars for a spin and decided on a nice used Toyota Corolla for sale. Everything about these guys is good.  Answered all my questions and was able to go for a long test drive to make sure the car was good.  Everyone was friendly, helpful and would recommend them to anybody looking to buy a used car under $10,000 in Sydney. Steve Ps.  Maxi in the office is super friendly and did all the paperwork and legal doc for me.  

    14 February 2023 Steven B - Botany - Toyora Corolla


    "First car purchase, friendly staff and very helpful"

    Very happy with the service and how friendly the staff are at Sydneycars.  This is my first ever used car purchase, and to be honest, don't know much about cars.  I spoke to Maxi in the office and she sent me photos and emails with various cars.  Popped down to the yard and she was super friendly and helpful when you consider this was my first ever car! Went for a long test drive and Maxi helped me with all the legal paperwork.  She helped transfer the vehicle in my name and made the whole process way easier than I originally thought it was going to be.  If you are looking for your first car or need somewhere that is friendly, helpful and not about hard-selling, then contact Maxi at Sydneycars :-)  

    15 March 2023 Suzie T - Moore Park - Suzuki Swift


    "Customer Review Sydneycars - Excellent Customer Service by Maxi!"

    Customer review Sydneycars - Maxime was brilliant, and had amazing customer service from her. She always replied to emails and texts super fast and full of useful information.  She sent me emails with loads of photos as I was away from Sydney at work.  I flew in on a Saturday afternoon to the domestic airport and she had organised two cars for me to test drive on a Saturday afternoon after work.  Was able to test drive both cars and have my mechanic look at them on the ramp. Bought a Toyota Echo after a long test drive, and it was exactly how Maxi described it.  Great customer service and highly recommended place for buying a used car in Sydney.  

    05 February 2023 Sue Parrage - Bondi Junction - Toyota Echo


    "Buying Daughters First Car - Helpful Staff  and very Friendly"

    Found these guys online and popped contacted them via email.  Maxi was brilliant!  She emailed loads of photos of four or five cars suitable for my daughter's first car.  Talked us through all the insurance options and what is the best car for the first-time driver.  Explained the price range we should stick to, and then showed us four cars in that price range. Arrived at the depot and greet with a smile and four cars to test drive.  We must have spent over a couple of hours trying all four cars and the staff were very patient with us.   We ended up buying a nice Nissan Micra for my daughter and she loves the car. Top service, good prices and very helpful - definitely worth visiting these guys  

    29 April 2023 Geoff R - Hillsdale - Nissan Micra


    "Professional and Friendly Used Car Company - Angela Pedra"

    "Very happy with the service from Sydneycars.  Very friendly over the phone and talked me through what stock they had in my budget.  Arrived at their depot had four cars to test drive at a distance.  All done in a safe covid environment.  Bought a used Holden Cruze and I am very happy with the car and the service from Shaun and Maxi."

    10 August 2023 Angela P. - Botany - Holden Cruze


    "Quick and easy - top service"

    Quick and easy service to use. We got a quote by calling Shaun and he gave us a price and a choice of pick up times.  Arrived on time and paid upfront before doing any paperwork.  They guys know what they are doing and if you are looking for a way to remove a problem car, give them a call.  

    29 February 2023 Rob A. - Tamarama - UTE


    "Great service and fast!"

    Excellent service and a seamless process to get rid of an unwanted problem car in the drive. Organised everything on the phone the night before.  Arrived on time and paid in cash what we agreed the night before without any dramas. The driver was friendly and did all the paperwork and was only at the house for ten minutes.  

    04 March 2023 Doug F. - Randwick - Jeep 4x4


    "Super quick and easy to use"

    Super quick & easy to use service in the Eastern Suburbs.  A quick call sorted out all the details and arrange to pick up the car the next morning.  Arrived on time, paid for the car in cash and did all the paperwork on the spot.  Took 15 minutes and the deal was done and dusted - Highly recommend.  

    15 April 2023 Sandra D - Phillip Bay - Toyota Corolla


    "Top quality service and fast as well!"

    Can't recommend this service enough. First of all, they are fast and call you back straight away!  Sorted out the price and pick up time over the phone and arrived at the house a few hours later to pick up the car.  First thing was to give me the cash before even doing the paperwork.  Sorted it all out in ten minutes and the car was gone!  

    31 March 2023 Garry S - Elizabeth Bay - Ford Focus


    "Excellent service, fast and arrived on time"

    The first time we used a car removal service and happy to report these guys know what they are doing!  The whole process was easy to use and arranged to pick up the car after work the next day.  Paid cash on collection and did all the legal paperwork needed. We are very happy with the service and would recommend them to others.

    01 April 2023 Jane C. - Malabar - Toyota Echo


    "Never scrapped a car before and these guys made it easy!"

    It was my first time getting rid of a non-starting car as the engine was knacked.  Called Shaun and he explained they handle all the paperwork and would pay cash on arrival.  Turned up on time, paid the agreed amount and loaded the car on the lorry.  Pro outfit and great customer service.  

    01 April 2023 Terry B. - Darlington - Camry


    "Great service, fast and paid cash for car"

    Called these guys at 10 am and by 3 pm the car was gone!  They arrived on time and within ten minutes had sorted all the legal paperwork and paid me cash for the car.  Would definitely use these guys again.  

    15 April 2023 Nicky P - Watson's Bay - Yaris


    "No dramas, No hassles and picked up on time!"

    Had phoned up a couple of these companies and they all let me down.  Phoned up Shaun and he was on the money straight away.  Sorted out a price and no dramas on the phone.  Picked up the car the next day and paid cash instantly.  Loaded the car on the lorry and left within ten minutes of arriving - good guys and well worth using.  

    30 April 2023 Wayne Watkins - La Perouse - Subaru


    Get the job done with no hassles!

    Honest, quick, and turn up on time!  Super helpful on the phone and sorted out the price, pick up time and would do all the paperwork for me.  Can't fault the experience, and would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who requires their services.  

    01 May 2023 Sidney B. - Woollahra - Hyundai Getz


    "Professional fast service"

    Fantastic fast service from these guys. Really professional from start to end, and called me back within five minutes.  Picked up the car on the same day as my call and paid cash on arrival.  

    13 May 2023 Sam S. - Paddington - Holden Barina


    "Fast and friendly service - removed car same day"

    Fast and friendly service from these guys.  I did a quote online and within seconds I received a call back from Shaun.  Arrange a price and the pick up was the next day.  Driver arrived on time and within ten minutes they had paid me in cash and the removed the car  

    26 May 2023 Helen P - Rushcutters Bay - fiat 500


    "Excellent service, well organised and turned up on time"

    Excellent service and these guys are well organized, and more importantly, turned up on time!  Called them the night before for a quote and arranged everything over the phone.  Organised a price, pick up time and they were to handle all the legal paperwork to take the car out of my name.  Arrived and paid cash and loaded up the car in minutes and left.  No hassles, pro service and clean.  

    12 May 2023 Abbey F. - Daceyville - Toyota Corolla


    "Simple to use, friendly and paid cash on collection"

    First time I have ever scrapped a vehicle before and these guys are great.  Talked me through everything I need to to do over the phone and arranged to pick up after work which was convenient.  Arrived on time, paid cash and removed the Golf with no problems.  Clean, fast and efficient service from these guys.  

    16 June 2023 Max H. - Chifley - VW Golf


    "Fast service, offered the best price"

    These guys offered the best price for an old car that had no rego and was knackered.  Got a reply within minutes and organised the pick-up time and price over the phone.  No haggling on the doorstep, and paid cash instantly when they arrived.  Loaded the car on the lorry and only stayed max 15 minutes and job done. Would highly recommend for anyone needing to scrap their car and looking for a great price and service.  

    29 May 2023 Grant C. - Waverley - Honda 4x4


    "On the money - fast and friendly service"

    Super quick response and called me back immediately!  Sorted out the pickup time and price within minutes.  Arrived on time, paid cash and removed the car with no hassles or dramas.  Would use these guys again.  

    01 June 2023 Mike P. - Bronte - Holden UTE


    "Fast reliable and turn up on time!"

    Very fast and reliable car removal service in the Eastern Suburbs.  Gave them a call and arranged everything over the phone.  Arrived four hours later and picked up the car and paid cash.  Did all the paperwork and was all done and dusted in ten minutes.  Very happy with the service and would definitely recommend these guys.  

    16 June 2023 Shiela G. - Rose Bay - Ford Focus


    "Fast, professional and paid cash in hand on collection"

    These guys know their onions and are fast!  Very quick service on the phone and arrange a price, pick up time and place instantly.  Arrived on time, paid cash in hand for car and got it on the back of the lorry in minutes.  Sorted out all the disposal paperwork and car gone in 15 minutes!  

    30 June 2023 Tony R. - Little Bay - Holden Barina


    "Come highly recommended and can see why!"

    They guys come highly recommended by a friend who has used them recently.  Superfast on the phone and arranged to pick up on the same day with no haggling over prices.   Arrived on time, paid cash, did all the paperwork and removed the non-starter.  Definitely recommend these guys  

    01 July 2023 Gill F. - Darlinghurst - Nissan Micra


    "Needed to urgently scrap a car fast and these guys are the bomb!"

    Moving apartment and need a non-running car removed asap to get the bond back on the apartment.  Called the guys at 7 pm and they picked up the car the next morning at 8 am!  They arrived on time and paid me the cash and remove the car before the landlord turned up!  These guys are the bomb and definitely give them a call!  

    01 July 2023 Jess S. - Matraville - Toyota Camry


    "Super fast, friendly and arrived on time!"

    These guys are fast!  Called me back straight away and arranged to pick up of the car on the same day!  Professional and friendly and paid cash on collection. Can’t recommend highly enough!  

    15 July 2023 Dave H. - Pagewood - Toyota Yaris


    "Positive experience and paid cash on collection"

    Super fast service and very easy to use website.  Called me back within minutes and talked me through all the options and agreed on a price on the phone.  Came around and picked up the car and paid cash, no hassles or haggling on the doorstep.

    29 July 2023 Angela B. - Hillsdale - Honda Jazz


    "Good to deal with and fast!"

    These guys are good to deal with and boy are they fast!  Super convenient service and got a quote over the phone and picked up the motor the next morning.  No hassles service and handled all the legal paperwork and sold the car immediately with these guys.


    02 August 2023 Sean B. - Double Bay - BMW 3 Series


    "Great Service, arrived on time and paid cash for the car"

    These guys are fast off the blocks!  Gave them a call and they arranged to pick up on the same day!  Service was great and no dramas!  Did all the paperwork and towed the car away and paid the agreed price with no haggling on the doorstep.


    01 August 2023 Matt M. - Rosebury - Ford Fiesta


    "Highly recommended and super fast!"

    The website was easy to use and just entered my phone number and they called me back within minutes.  Got a fixed price over the phone and arranged pickup on the same day.  When they arrived they paid cash first and then did all the paperwork and loaded the car on the lorry.


    18 August 2023 Sue J. - Kings Cross - Toyota Echo


    "Super friendly and fast!"

    The guys are super friendly and fast!  Gave me a call back within ten minutes and organised the pickup straight away on the phone.  It's a simple way to get rid of an old banger on the drive and they paid cash on collection.


    25 August 2023 Tim P. - Potts Point - Honda Civic


    "Quick and easy way to get rid of a vehicle FAST!"

    Quick and easy! These guys are fast and paid out in cash as soon as they arrived before inspecting the car!  Handled all the paperwork, and had the car on the lorry within ten minutes of turning up!  Definitely fast off the mark and would use again!


    01 September 2023 John J. - Zetland - Suzuki Swift


    " Very quick and efficient - literally gone in 60 mins!"

    A very quick and efficient service!  Literally gave them a call and they were at my doorstep withing 60 minutes!  Paid cash on collection and did all the legal paperwork, so was no hassles for me.


    15 September 2023 Amy B. - Mascot - Nissan Maxima


    "Super fast and pro service - paid cash on collection"

    These guys are fast!  Literally send them a text and within five minutes had a call back from Shaun with a price and a time and date to pick up the car.  Everything was super fast and paid cash on arrival before doing all the legal paperwork.  Towed the car away and cleaned up the drive.


    23 September 2023 James B. - Darling Point - Toyota Camry


    "Sold car during COVID - safe, professional and secure"

    Sold my car which had a major engine fault that was too expensive to repair.  The guys came out during the COVID lockdown with masks and gloves and kept their distance.  You could tell these guys knew what they were doing.  Easy to use service, and one phone called and got a price, a pickup time and arrange it all on the spot!  Paid cash on collection and did a tidy job cleaning up the drive after removing the car - would use again.


    01 October 2023 Frank S. - Edgecliff - Nissan Tilda


    "Turned up on time, paid cash, removed my broken car"

    Fantastic service from these guys. Paid what was agreed on the phone, and handled all the legal paperwork within minutes.  Picked up the car late Sunday evening which was convenient for us.


    28 September 2023 Debbie C. - Kingsford - Mitsubishi Lancer


    "Great service from the phone call right up to picking up of the car"

    These guys are great.  Shaun talked me through the whole process on the phone, and give me a quote and arrange a picked up slot immediately.  They did all the legal paperwork and was a totally no-hassles operation to remove the car from my drive.  Arrived on time, paid in cash and no haggling on the day - quick and easy and would recommend these guys


    01 October 2023 Holly C. - Redfern - Holden Vectra


    "Great service - was able to trade in my old car and upgrade"

    I was looking for an upgrade to my old car and decided to call Sydneycars.  Very friendly on the phone and drove over and let me test-drive as many cars as I liked.  Whilst I was test-driving a couple of the vehicles they gave me a quote on a trade in deal.  Love the used Ford Focus and bought it on the spot.  Sydneycars handled all the legal paperwork, and I drove away with a better car and did not need to sell mine on the internet - great service and would recommend these guys.


    14 October 2023 Phill C. - Bondi Beach - Nissan Micra

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